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Starr Pro


"You guys rock. Your instructions were spot on! Thank You"
- J. Powell

"I was infected by SystemTool today. Thanks for the help on the page. I have removed it completely"
- L. Lepsře

"Your web page on Regclean was extremely helpful and very, very education. Its objectivity to was nothing short of excellent. Thank you..."
- Anthony G. Muya

"I want to express my thanks for the information on removing the browser hijacker. I took the steps you suggested and the follow-on precautions to prevent future infections... Thanks again"
- Carlos

For Information and Removal of Starr Pro

    - what is Starr Pro
    - automatic and manual removal instructions
    - personal assistance provided online or by phone to safely remove Starr Pro.


Starr Pro

In today's world, parents need all the tools that they can get to help ensure their children's safety and security.  Unfortunately, some of these tools can also be used for illegitimate and predatory purposes.  Keyloggers, like Starr Pro, while providing tremendous benefits for caring parents, can also be used to target unsuspecting computer users.

What is Starr Pro?

A keylogging program is meant as a parental monitoring tool or as a way for employers to keep track of what activities are taking place in their workplaces.  Starr Pro, specifically, has the following features:

  • Built-in screenshot recorder.
  • Text logging, including keystrokes, user names, passwords, access times, etc.
  • Ability to search for keywords.
  • URL recording.
  • IM/Chat Spy, which records both sides of conversations for AOL, ICQ, Microsoft Messenger, and Yahoo Chat.  For other chat options, Starr Pro records outgoing messages.
  • Individual logs for each user.
  • Encrypted log files emailed to remote monitor.
  • Invisible and maintenance-free operation.
  • Password-protected setup and un-installation.

As you can see, having access to this type of information could be tremendously useful for those trying to protect their networks, employees, or children.  It is equally easy to see how this technology could be used for predatory purposes.

Starr Pro is also known as ->README.TXT [F-Prot], Application/Starr.A [Panda], and Starr [McAfee].

How is Starr Pro Installed?

Starr Pro must be installed directly onto your computer.  This is in contrast to Trojans and other forms of malware which enter your system covertly.  The program is downloaded from sites like iopus-starr.en.softonic.com and has a simple setup.  You are able to choose settings, like taking screenshots every five minutes (or whatever is your preference), logging websites visited, tracking passwords, and more.

How does Starr Pro end up on your computer?  If you use your parents' computer for "homework," for instance, they may install the program to ensure your safety.  Employers may install it on work machines, and suspicious spouses may put it on their home computers.  These are legitimate and legal uses; however, it is also possible for someone with access to your computer to install the program without your knowledge.

What Risks Does Starr Pro Present?

Why would someone install a keylogger program like Starr Pro on your computer?  Keyloggers can provide a treasure trove of information, including your contact information, user names, credit card and account numbers, and much more.  At its most innocuous, it can track which websites you visit, which videos you watch, and the IMs you send, which violates your privacy.  At its worst, Starr Pro can be used to endanger your financial information and even your personal safety.

Because Starr Pro is designed to be a legitimate application, it does not present much risk to your machine in a technical sense.  It is likely that you will notice that your computer is running more slowly than usual. It is also possible that the program can create security vulnerabilities that may allow malware to enter your system. Keylogger programs are designed to evade standard security programs and to run very stealthily, which is a major reason why it can present such a risk to your information.

To keep yourself safe from keyloggers like Starr Pro, it is recommended that you not use publicly shared computers, such as those at schools, libraries, or your workplace for sensitive applications, such as banking or paying your bills.  If you have your own computer at work or home, make sure that it is password-protected and that you do not leave it open for others to access.  This will help prevent someone installing a keylogger like Starr Pro without your permission.

Removing Starr Pro

Programs like Starr Pro bank on their ability to run with stealth; while there are some antivirus and security programs that are able to detect them, software developers continually tweak their programs to ensure that they stay hidden.  If you suspect that a program like Starr Pro has been installed in your system, it is important to run a program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) .  This particular program is designed to detect and remove evasive programs, which keyloggers most certainly are.  It will remove all traces of Starr Pro; if even one associated file or registry value is left intact, it can allow the keylogger to repair itself and continue operation, so XoftSpySE provides a quick, easy solution.

The other option available to remove Starr Pro is manual removal.  This requires time, patience, and great technical skill.  As mentioned, missing a file can allow Starr Pro to remain in your system, and at the same time, it is easy to accidentally remove a necessary program from your registry.  If you have experience with your system registry, try the following to remove Starr Pro:

Kill Process:

iopus_starr_pro_setup.exe, iopus_starr_pro_setup_de.exe, starrcmd.exe, wsys.exe, ssys.exe, starrcmd.exe, wsys.exe

Delete Registry Value:


Unregister DLLs:









Delete Files:




iopus-starr-pro.reg, license.lnk

starr commander.lnk

starr manual.lnk

uninstall starr.lnk




















Delete Directories:

profilepath+\start menu\programs\starr\uninstall starr.lnk

Removing Starr Pro Automatically/Safely

For free automatic removal we recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is widely recommended by reputable third-party sites, so you can be reasonably confident of its ability to safely get rid of Starr Pro and any hidden Trojans. As a precaution we recommend double checking your system with SpyHunter. This program requires paid registration to enable deletions, however it has a money back guaranteed and is the top of the line in malware removal. It should catch malware that evades Malwarebytes and block anything that tries to reinstal itself.

Download SpyHunter

Remove Starr Pro Now:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter Download  
  2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Remove all the detected infections (free).
  4. Run a scan with SpyHunter
  5. Remove any remaining infections
  6. Reboot and rescan with SpyHunter. Your computer should now be clean.

Important note: If Malwarebytes is blocked by malware then run Chameleon (Start Menu → All Programs → MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware → Tools → Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Chameleon). If you need further help removing Starr Pro please email us at info@removeadware.com.au or call for personal assistance on toll-free number 888-655-3453, within the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: This webpage was created to provide information on Starr Pro and how to uninstall it. Manual removal instructions are intended for use by technical experts and should be used at your own risk. We do not own or endorse Starr Pro.

We are affiliated with some of the legitimate programs recommended on this website. Should you choose to use the programs recommended here, we may receive a fee that will help support the site.

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